Welcome to the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD for short).

This blog offers a way to learn about, and keep up to date with, the wide range of work happening at ACAD.

Ancient DNA offers a method of directly exploring a population from the past. Extracting DNA from a wide range of historic and ancient samples grants us access to their archaeological, forensic, environmental and zoological histories. These samples, sourced from museums and the field, can be anything from soil to bone or moss to feathers. The DNA can be bacterial, fungal, plant or animal. At ACAD, we also actively develop and use environmental DNA and bioinformatics techniques, which, alongside our ancient work, offers our skilled researchers a broad range of methods to gain unique cross-disciplinary insights.

It isn’t possible to list or describe all that we do here, read on to find out more about our work, or visit our website.


The Australian Centre for Ancient DNA is part of the School of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Views expressed are the contributors’ own and do not necessarily reflect those of The University of Adelaide. Please see the legal information on the side bar for further details.


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