Research Talks 11th – 13th November, 2013

As part of the Advanced Bioinformatics Early Career Researcher workshop, ACAD is hosting three experts in the fields of genomics, metagenomics, population genetics and bioinformatics.  These tutors will present talks on their research, as part of the week’s program, that are open to the public.  Interested folk welcome.

Monday 11th 5pm, ‘Middle Pleistocene-omics: Sequencing really ancient genomes and proteomes’ by Ludovic Orlando, Center for GeoGenetics, Copenhagen

Tuesday 12th 5pm, ‘Tracing prehistoric human migration patterns, using genetic data’ by Joe Pickrell, Harvard Medical School.

Wednesday 13th 5pm, ‘Metagenomic analyses and the era of Next Generation Sequencing – from the Human Microbiome Project to the Earth Microbiome Project’ by Rob Knight, University of Colorado.

All held in the Mawson Lecture Theatre, North Terrace Campus.


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